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Is it now or never? Today’s young men have 70% less sex than they did 30 years ago. Today, stress and impotence are closely linked. Sometimes, it overwhelms him spontaneously. It could be a smell, touch, or erotic association. But it’s his pure desire. The brain sends signals to the sensory organs, which prompts them to send the signal for an encouraging command to erection in the deep parterre. The journey to the climax begins when the game of lust can begin.

Impotent: Professional demands Depress Desire

Jonathan has never had to worry about this. Jonathan, a 38-year-old sales executive at a large company, has had a happy and fulfilled sex life that inspired him to achieve unimaginable high performance during his college studies. That’s all long gone.

Jonathan can feel so tired that by noon, he doesn’t know how he will get through the remainder of the day. The Hamburg native feels deprived of sleep due to competition, pressure to perform, and the threat that he will lose his job. He knows his wife is trying to talk him into having children. He can’t even consider it. The thought of having to have sex every night in the evening puts him under extra pressure, which is often too much for him.

Potency Problems can be caused by acute Stress

As current statistics show, Jonathan isn’t an isolated case. Recent surveys show that the percentage of workers who feel overwhelmed at work has increased from 5 to 17% in the past five years. In the past five years, it has risen from 5 to 17%. Experts warn that chronic stress can cause depression and even lead to potency problems.

This is the shocking news that Professor Frank Summer (45), urologist and sport physician, has confirmed.

“We have observed that the monthly frequency of coitus has declined by 70% over the past 30 year in men aged 20-40 – from 12 to 4 times per month.”

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Overuse can lead to long-term Damage

This can lead to other problems. Sommer: Stress in young men can cause more serious problems than a lapse in bed. Long-term overload can lead to pathological changes in the nervous and vascular systems, and therefore affect general performance. This is made worse if the affected person is also obese, smokes, or drinks alcohol. Sommer estimates that between 50 and 80 percent of German impotent men are in the risk group for developing type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Talk Therapy to Get Rid of Impotence

Porst believes talk therapy, in addition to drug treatment is a viable option. This is often due to lack of time and ineffectiveness on the part of the affected. Also, there is a shortage of sexual science-focused therapists. Therefore, therapy is not available for more than five to ten per cent of men. There are not enough therapy places. He says, “We also need more offers for people affected who are not in the evening hours.” He is the President of the European Society for Sexual Medicine.

Of course, men could do it on their own.

Expert Sommer says that they need to make changes in their lives and find quiet places for themselves. Balance programs and mental relaxation are the best options, but sport can also be helpful. This does not put the stressed person under additional pressure.

Unfortunately, the problem is also the opportunity:

Sommer says that most people fail to put it into practice. He repeatedly observed the following: “For 2 to 3 weeks, they are motivated. But then they fall back to the old patterns.”

Jonathan, the stressed sales manager was fortunate. He was fortunate to get a job just before twelve, and was then able start talking therapy. He is able to keep going and continue with the relaxation exercises because he is hopeful that his manhood will not be lost forever.

Professor Sommer confirms this:

“If the stress is not ongoing and the biochemical changes in your body have not yet caused irreversible harm, it is possible to restore the former condition as a rule.”

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