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Erectile dysfunction, also known as sexual failure, can happen to anyone of any age. Nearly 25% of men aged 50-60 experience erectile dysfunction, while 40% of those over 60 have it. Although it is usually only sporadic or intermittent, erectile dysfunction can have a significant impact on quality of life and alter self-image, as well as affecting confidence. It can be a vicious circle, sometimes with many parts.

After sexual excitement, the volume of your penis increases, causing progressive rigidity. There are many mechanisms involved. They involve both physiological and organic functions as well as the brain. There are many reasons why an erection may not occur. Psychological factors are often also mentioned.

Erectile dysfunction is caused by fatigue, stress, medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension and vascular disease, as well as certain drug treatments. Erectile function can also be affected by smoking and drinking.

As we’ve seen, sexual problems are often multifactorial. Treatment will be multifactorial. To rule out any organic causes, a medical exam will be required. However, it is important to consider the effects of daily living and the psychological, cerebral, and emotional factors. You can find solutions to many problems and sometimes help, as well as a satisfying and fulfilling sexual life.

What does a sexual stimulant do?

To improve blood flow, most sexual stimulants like Eroxel increase heart rate and blood pressure. This product contains vitamins and minerals like zinc or B6 as well as active ingredients that can increase sexual vitality. The unique relaxation effect of aphrodisiacs is strongly tied to a better sex experience, particularly when they are in spice or herbal form. This stimulant also affects hormone levels, such as testosterone. The most obvious consequence of prolonged exposure to these substances is an increase in sexual desire or drive.

Eroxel, what are his ingredients?


Maca is a recognised aphrodisiac, also known as “Peruvian ginseng”, maca is a plant that grows in the Andes, particularly on its highest plateaus. Consumed by the local people for its extraordinary nutritional properties, Peruvian maca is also renowned in traditional medicine for its virtues on the body. And in particular on sexual disorders and infertility.

Peruvian maca has been the subject of numerous scientific studies, which demonstrate its ability to stimulate sexual activity in men and women. The plant’s active compounds act on the body’s “vigour” and reproductive activity. It also appears that this South American plant is capable of improving the quality and quantity of sperm produced by men. In this way, it stimulates fertility and reproductive function. The effects of Peruvian maca on libido and sexual vigour are largely due to the tonic effect of the plant on all body functions.

When taken regularly, Peruvian maca stimulates the sexual desire of both men and women. Today, this plant is considered one of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs in the world, along with Asian ginseng. It is therefore used to treat erectile dysfunction, libido and fertility problems. Researchers believe that the plant has components with an activity relatively close to that of testosterone.


Like Peruvian maca, Asian ginseng is a plant whose root is mainly consumed. It grows in certain regions of Asia, particularly in the mountains of China and Korea. Particularly used in traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed to have numerous virtues for the body, including stimulating properties. As such, this plant is one of the best natural treatments for erectile dysfunction and sexual impotence.

Asian ginseng and sexual impotence
Ginseng is a plant known to be adaptogenic, which means that it helps the body to fight against all forms of stress (emotional, oxidative, etc.). Generally speaking, ginseng promotes virility by improving the sexual and physical performance of men (5). In short, the plant is an excellent natural aphrodisiac, used for thousands of years for this reason alone. Of course, scientific studies have been conducted on ginseng. Their conclusions state that the plant is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

In addition, other studies on Korean red ginseng have shown that the herb is effective in increasing FSH, DHT, testosterone and luteinizing hormone in men. But also the mobility and quantity of spermatozoa. The properties of ginseng on sexual impotence are also related to the stimulating effects of the plant on all the functions of the body.

In many cases, the loss of sexual desire is directly linked to a problem of stress or anxiety. Whether it is an event with traumatic characteristics or everyday stress, red ginseng can have a positive influence on this condition. Many people who have used this natural element report that they are better able to deal with stress. By feeling lighter on a daily basis, you will be able to put all the chances on your side to regain the desire that you had lost.

In addition to all this, it turns out that ginseng has stimulating capacities that will help you generally to regain your libido and to feel desire. You will quickly notice a feeling of well-being that will be particularly beneficial in your relationships.

In concrete terms, by taking a course of organic ginseng and consuming it correctly, you will be able to rebalance your body and feel optimal sexual energy again. Many people have already used this product to achieve this goal and most of them have been more than satisfied.


Ginger is known worldwide for its unique flavour and anti-mitic properties, but it is a root that may yet surprise you. Its virtues are very diverse and concern a large number of body functions. Digestion, inflammation, fatigue, heart health, diabetes… Its fields of action are numerous; a large part of ginger’s reputation is based on its aphrodisiac properties. But did you know that this plant is also one of the best aphrodisiacs in the world? Indeed it is a natural stimulant!


L-arginine is an amino acid. This protein component has a significant impact on the sperm count and the size of the penis.

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Prevent Impotence with Eroxel

Prevent Impotence with Eroxel

Erectile dysfunction is when a man cannot erect in sufficient numbers to allow for sexual intercourse over six months. Affected men’s penis doesn’t become flaccid or hard enough. This sensitive issue is common in men and they are often reluctant to discuss it during sex.

Risk is higher for those who are older than 65

As we age, the risk of developing erectile dysfunction (formerly known as impotence) increases. One in three men over 60 are affected by erectile dysfunction while having sex. erectile dysfunction during sex.

Erectile Dysfunction can often be caused by Organic Factors

80 percent of cases are caused by physical reasons: the blood supply to penis is disrupted or the penile muscle are damaged.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by diseases that interrupt blood flow such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and arteriosclerosis. A lack of testosterone or other medications can also cause a poor erection. There may be psychological reasons for impotence, especially in younger men.

A healthy Lifestyle can help preserve your Health for a long Period of time

Lifestyle choices that are good for your health can prevent erectile dysfunction and help you keep potency high for a long period of time. You should be active and fit, not overweight, and you should avoid nicotine and alcohol.

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Smoking and Impotence? How Eroxel helps!

Smoking and Impotence? How Eroxel helps!

It is a taboo topic to discuss impotence. What man would want to admit that he is having problems with his partner? Erectile dysfunction affects about 20% of German men between the ages 30 and 80. The number of cases that are not reported is likely to be even higher. It is painful to talk about impotence and smoking.

Scientific studies show that smokers are more likely to experience impotence than non-smokers. Smoking can be a direct cause of impotence. This consequence of smoking is often only discovered at a late stage, like many others. It is possible to still stop smoking if the right context is established.

Potency Disorders and their Causes

A penis erection is when blood vessels in the penis, the corpus cavernosum, fill with blood from increased blood flow and reduced blood outflow. The penis plays an important role in stopping blood from flowing out, among other things. Erectile dysfunction is a condition where the bodily function of the man is impaired or impossible to perform. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by age-related restrictions, as well as cigarette smoking. cigarette use. A buildup of calcium and fat in the corpus cavernosum’s blood vessels is another common cause of erectile disorder. This causes narrowing of the blood vessels that supply the corpus cavernosum. Also known as arteriosclerosis.

This causes less blood to flow into the corpus cavernosum. Diabetes, obesity, alcohol intake, and smoking are all risk factors for a decrease in the elasticity blood vessels in the corpus Cavernosum. Smoking is the most harmful. For example, smoking and high blood pressure are closely linked. Combinations of, e.g. Combinations of e.g. Age also affects tissue perfusion and elasticity of the vessels in your penis.

Combining the risk factors mentioned above, such as overweight smokers and smoking diabetics, can lead to an even greater risk. The risk factors listed above do not cause vascular calciumification only in the penis area. They can also affect other parts of your body. Potency disorders are just one effect on the cardiovascular system. Potency disorders can also indicate secondary diseases such as stroke and heart attack that affect the cardiovascular system.

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Smoking harms Potency

Recent research on the link between smoking and impotence has shown that smoking can increase the likelihood of developing impotence issues. Also, it is clear that too much can cause a lot of problems. Erectile dysfunction is more common in men who smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day than those who have less than 20 cigarettes per day.

Men over 40 who smoke for a prolonged period of time are at greater risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Heavy smokers may also experience erectile dysfunction. An incredible 56% (i.e. More than half of heavy smokers are affected. Smoking is a strong threat to the fertility and potency of men. Smoking causes sperm cells to shrink, become less mobile, and are often more susceptible to genetic damage. This is often a difficult issue for smokers and those who are interested in dating. This is where possible impotence can be a problem. Love is the most important thing in life. You should quit smoking if you want to live a happy (or even romantic) life and start a family.

How quitting Smoking can help you

Most complaints that are caused by smoking can be improved, at most partially, if you quit smoking. Your skin will look better. This is because smoking causes hair loss. You can stop smoking and see a decrease in hair loss. You can also breathe easier. You can reduce the damage caused by smoking diseases like smoker’s leg.

Living a life without cigarettes greatly lowers your chances of experiencing infertility or impotence. 25 percent of ex-smokers report a significant improvement in erectile dysfunction after quitting smoking. This is due to decreased vasoconstriction, and increased vascular elasticity. vascular elasticity. You can also positively affect sperm motility by quitting smoking. Smoking and impotence are no longer an issue.

Talking to your doctor is a good idea if you are not able to quit smoking. Smoking cessation by itself does not guarantee a complete recovery. It’s never too late for you to stop smoking or get your potency issues under control. You can quit smoking now to live a healthier life and be more present in your relationships.

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Disturbed Sexuality because of Medication – Eroxel Can Change That

Disturbed Sexuality because of Medication – Eroxel Can Change That

Notice almost everyone who takes antidepressants. Is it the depression or the medication that is responsible? responsible? Experts are quick to agree that it is the disorder. But is that true?

What’s the truth?

Some people have less desire to sex while others are more receptive (are harder to get started), some are impotent and many feel so uncomfortable talking about the subject that they won’t even consider it. Others feel pain while having sex and many do not reach a peak – even when masturbating.

What can you do? Sexuality can be a delicate topic. It is a sensitive topic that few people seek help for, and very few people openly address it. It is common to think that “Maybe it’s just you” is the answer. This is a common thought. It is more common for women to assume that they can do it themselves and wonder if their love has changed. Men of these women often feel rejected and respond very differently.

It is more difficult for men who don’t feel the need to be happy. Some people see it as a way of liberating themselves. Those who feel no desire are particularly vulnerable. Others feel like complete failures. They could rely on their sexuality before. The suicide risk of men who leave for the first weekend after four weeks of being stationary is high, according to Wolfersdorf’s study. It is difficult to imagine what was attempted during that weekend, and how it failed.

Does a disturbed sexual life make it harder to get over depression? It is the opposite. Positive effects of healthy sexuality on depression symptoms.  First, antidepressants can cause sexual dysfunction much more consistently than antidepressant effects. Professor Peter Gotzsche states that antidepressants trigger sexual dysfunction, which is why he calls them “highly effective means to disrupt the sexual life”.

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Many people believe that the symptoms of antidepressants include a disturbance in sexual function. This is a false assumption. Two mechanisms are responsible for the disturbance of sexuality:

1. Drugs pass through the stomach to the small intestine. The active ingredient is then released and transported to other locations with the help the blood. Initially, however, there are a lot more active ingredients in the intestinal area, which leads to more serotonin being produced there. Serotonin does not come from the brain, but is mostly found in the gastrointestinal region. area. Here 95 percent of the body’s serotonin can be found. Most of the serotonin transporter proteins that are biochemical targets for drugs are also found in the intestinal area. The function of serotonin in the intestinal area is to contract smooth muscle. Serotonin’s effect on muscles does not have anything to do with depression. There is an SSRI that can be prescribed for antidepressant purposes, but it is only recommended by urologists. It’s called dapoxetine, and it is used to prevent premature ejaculation.

2. Too much serotonin can prevent sexuality. However, too little or too much serotonin can lead to hypersexuality or nymphomaniacs. Animal experiments using TPH2-knockout mice have shown this. Researchers made a surprising discovery in these animals. The TPH2-knockout animals performed well in standard depression tests, which pharmacologists use for determining the effectiveness of antidepressants. These animals are not depressed, even though they have no serotonin.

In principle, physicians – because the sexuality-restricting side effects have been known for a very long time – would have to take this frequently occurring side effect into account, especially if the patient is living in a partnership. Therefore, the doctor must choose an antidepressant that doesn’t trigger sexual dysfunction.

However, that is wishful thinking. It does not happen. Doctors will most often recommend SSRIs. Why is this? Because of an incorrect prescription in the U.S., and the resulting data that were adopted for Germany. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires that side effects be addressed by the patient. Only a little less than 10 percent is required for sexual dysfunction. This is why it is the official number. Sexual dysfunction is not considered to to be a common condition or to be very serious. These disorders are not common, but they do occur.

Yes, it is. You will receive different answers depending on who you ask. Montejo’s 1997 and 2001 studies on sexual dysfunction are the most well-known. Montejo stated that sexual dysfunction was more common in women than it was in men. He later reported that 60 percent of the 1400 antidepressant-treated patients had sexual dysfunction. According to personal interviews, up to 80 percent of patients affirmed that they had a disorder.

Anita Clayton has written a methodologically excellent paper. Anita Clayton reports that 40% of patients who have received SSRs are suffering from severe sexual dysfunction. dysfunction. She describes, gender differences. Tricyclic antidepressants, such as amitriptyline, are more difficult for men to rouse than SSRIs. SSRIs are more likely to induce anorgasmia among women and delay ejaculation for men. Masturbation is also subject to these limitations.

Jansen-Cilag created Dapotin, an SSRI which has no indications as an antidepressant but can be used to treat premature ejaculation. Dapotin, also known as the SSRI for urology, is Dapotin. It is “supposed to” cause sexual excitability. Experts disagree on whether premature ejaculation really is a “disease” or whether drug treatment is the best option. Method of treatment.

Some pharmaceutical companies saw a market opportunity for non-SSRI antidepressants due to the sexual problem. They sent their representatives out to promote Bupropin. Bupropion, Mirtazapine, Agomelatin, or any other drug, is not something that informed people should be impressed with. Experts agree that sexual dysfunction is the leading reason patients stop taking their antidepressants. This is true for all antidepressants.

SSRIs are not the only drugs that can cause sexual impairment. All agents that affect 5-HT2C or 5-HT3 receptors can impair the sexual function. However, drugs that also act on ACh receptors and dopamine D2 receptors or block nitrogen synthesis can cause impairment. Since long, the pharmaceutical industry has known that antidepressants can cause impotence. Multiple studies have shown that Viagra can reverse the effects of SSRIs, phenelzine or fluvoxamine on impotence. These reports were published more than 20 years ago. However, your doctor may not have known until very recently that antidepressants could affect sexuality .

What does this leave us with? To recommend a specific substance, you must believe in the power of selectivity of molecules. As biochemists repeatedly demonstrated, not all antidepressant drugs can be as selective as pharmaceutical companies claim. They can be used at nearly all receptors at once.

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How Eroxel helps you combat Impotence

How Eroxel helps you combat Impotence

Two fundamentally different meanings of the term “impotence in medicine are: the inability or inability to harden the penis sufficiently and the inability to conceive. The absence of penile hardening (erection) is often referred to as the former in everyday language. When the disorder is widespread, such as impotence, medical jargon refers to it only. No erection is possible (e.g. not even during masturbation). Penile hardening disorders can also cause “erectile dysfunction”.

There are many causes of disorders of penile hardening. In young men, psychosomatic causes are predominant (“proceed from your head”) while older men (so from 40) have biological causes. The second type of impotence that can affect a man is inability to reproduce. This is not due to hardening of the penis, but to the quality of the semen and how it gets to the egg.

Is impotence a common condition?

Although no figures have been confirmed, it is thought that between 5 and 10% of men will experience difficulties conceiving in their lifetime.

40% of couples who are involuntarily childless experience involuntary birth. This is due to fertility issues in the man, 40% to problems in the woman. The causes of the remaining 20% are shared equally by the man and woman.

Although impotence is becoming more and more frequent in most men, it does not have to be a serious problem. Eroxel is composed of all-natural ingredients that will help you enjoy your intimate life again: Eroxel

What causes are there for impotence?

Many reasons a man might be infertile include many. Low sperm motility or insufficient sperm count are most common causes. Sometimes, the sperm does not reach the egg. This is a situation where the sperm quality may be good, but it is still impossible to conceive.

The following Factors can cause a decrease in the quality of Sperm:

  • Diseases such as diabetes or childhood mumps
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Anatomical problems (undescended Testicles)
  • Radiation, chemotherapy, surgery (in the event of cancer, e.g. testicular cancer).
  • Lifestyle: Stress, nicotine and alcohol, as well as abuse of other drugs.
  • Even too much heat harms sperm cells. They prefer temperatures of 35 degrees. If you want to have children, it is best to avoid the sauna.

Infertility may also occur when enough sperm are produced, but sperm transport is impossible due to a blockage in the vas deferens. Anatomical or surgical problems, injury, or surgery may also cause obstructions to transport. Ejaculatory dysfunction is a condition in which the sperm cells fail to reach the female body.

Other causes of male Infertility:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Immunological issues
  • Glandular disorders
  • Sterilization (vasectomy)
  • Hereditary factors

Multiple causes can also be diagnosed.

How can an impotent Person deal with it?

A healthy lifestyle means no smoking, no excess weight, and no stress.

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Young, Successful – But Impotent? Eroxel is for you!

Young, Successful – But Impotent? Eroxel is for you!

Is it now or never? Today’s young men have 70% less sex than they did 30 years ago. Today, stress and impotence are closely linked. Sometimes, it overwhelms him spontaneously. It could be a smell, touch, or erotic association. But it’s his pure desire. The brain sends signals to the sensory organs, which prompts them to send the signal for an encouraging command to erection in the deep parterre. The journey to the climax begins when the game of lust can begin.

Impotent: Professional demands Depress Desire

Jonathan has never had to worry about this. Jonathan, a 38-year-old sales executive at a large company, has had a happy and fulfilled sex life that inspired him to achieve unimaginable high performance during his college studies. That’s all long gone.

Jonathan can feel so tired that by noon, he doesn’t know how he will get through the remainder of the day. The Hamburg native feels deprived of sleep due to competition, pressure to perform, and the threat that he will lose his job. He knows his wife is trying to talk him into having children. He can’t even consider it. The thought of having to have sex every night in the evening puts him under extra pressure, which is often too much for him.

Potency Problems can be caused by acute Stress

As current statistics show, Jonathan isn’t an isolated case. Recent surveys show that the percentage of workers who feel overwhelmed at work has increased from 5 to 17% in the past five years. In the past five years, it has risen from 5 to 17%. Experts warn that chronic stress can cause depression and even lead to potency problems.

This is the shocking news that Professor Frank Summer (45), urologist and sport physician, has confirmed.

“We have observed that the monthly frequency of coitus has declined by 70% over the past 30 year in men aged 20-40 – from 12 to 4 times per month.”

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Overuse can lead to long-term Damage

This can lead to other problems. Sommer: Stress in young men can cause more serious problems than a lapse in bed. Long-term overload can lead to pathological changes in the nervous and vascular systems, and therefore affect general performance. This is made worse if the affected person is also obese, smokes, or drinks alcohol. Sommer estimates that between 50 and 80 percent of German impotent men are in the risk group for developing type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Talk Therapy to Get Rid of Impotence

Porst believes talk therapy, in addition to drug treatment is a viable option. This is often due to lack of time and ineffectiveness on the part of the affected. Also, there is a shortage of sexual science-focused therapists. Therefore, therapy is not available for more than five to ten per cent of men. There are not enough therapy places. He says, “We also need more offers for people affected who are not in the evening hours.” He is the President of the European Society for Sexual Medicine.

Of course, men could do it on their own.

Expert Sommer says that they need to make changes in their lives and find quiet places for themselves. Balance programs and mental relaxation are the best options, but sport can also be helpful. This does not put the stressed person under additional pressure.

Unfortunately, the problem is also the opportunity:

Sommer says that most people fail to put it into practice. He repeatedly observed the following: “For 2 to 3 weeks, they are motivated. But then they fall back to the old patterns.”

Jonathan, the stressed sales manager was fortunate. He was fortunate to get a job just before twelve, and was then able start talking therapy. He is able to keep going and continue with the relaxation exercises because he is hopeful that his manhood will not be lost forever.

Professor Sommer confirms this:

“If the stress is not ongoing and the biochemical changes in your body have not yet caused irreversible harm, it is possible to restore the former condition as a rule.”

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