Impotence – Never again thanks to Potencialex

Close-up photo of unrecognizable man having erectile problem in bedroom

Who would want to be called “wimp?” Many male citizens of the Earth consider impotence a taboo topic and a bugbear.

Why does it not work?

A “whole man” is what every male citizen on the planet would want. This self-image is only possible because of the masculine sexual power, or the potency. It is no wonder that impotence is something one should be ashamed of if it is something he finds embarrassing. The contemptuous, ugly, and hidden in the back of one’s mind is all that remains. The back of your mind harbors the scolding word “wimp”, which targets not only the sensitive area below the belt but also the male soul.

It doesn’t have be that lovemaking sessions are fraught with fear of failure. It is normal for it not to work as smoothly as you would expect. This has nothing to do w/ actual impotence. However, nearly one fifth of men experience erectile dysfunction” as it’s known in technical jargon. Only seven percent of men are affected by the disorder, which can be so severe that therapy is required.

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Even though Charly Chaplin is a proud reference to Charly Chaplin, a man who is well-known for being who even in old age is just as frisky and capable of procreating with his partner in bed, the decline in sexual ability is often due to age. Every second man, at least temporarily, is affected by a decrease in his potency after the age 40.

Although it was believed that insufficient or no erection was a psychological problem, 70 percent of cases are now attributed to age. The remaining 70% are organic. These include serious operations, diabetes, trauma, and urological problems (prostate gland). The problem can be caused by urological problems (prostate), hormonal issues, as well as the degrading of muscles in the erectile tissues or simple arteriosclerosis.

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